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The following rubric will be used to evaluate your progress throughout the project.  Each member of the team will be evaluated individually.



Virtual Scavenger Hunt Web Quest

Name: ________________________

Teacher: Jennifer Sicard

Date : ___________________

Title of Work: ___________________











Little or no real information contained in research of native culture and no connection to American culture.

Some information present, there are some similarities and differences connected to American culture

Ideas describe the similarities and differences between native culture and American.

Information presented is clear. Ideas comparing and contrasting the differences and similarities of the native and American cultures


Email journals (informal language)

Grammar and/or spelling errors are numerous. Few emails received.

Some grammatical and/or spelling errors. One to two emails sent per culture visited

Grammar and spelling do not interfere with content. Three to four emails sent per culture visited

Error free spelling/grammar. Five emails sent per culture visited.


Cooperative Group Work

Did not work as a member of the group. Did not share responsibilities and/or participate.

Some participation noted, but difficulty in communicating with other members of group.

Actively participated with group. Able to take share ideas with team.

Communicates ideas with group enthusiastically. Took a leadership role and delegated responsibility


IT Capabilities

Little or no skills used during project. Can use one of the following: email; internet; Word; PowerPoint.

Basic skills present. Can use two of the following: email; internet; Word; Powerpoint.

Basic skills present. Can use three of the following: email; internet; Word; PowerPoint.

Mastered Technology. Can use all of the following: email; internet; Word; PowerPoint.



Basic. Not visually appealing. Not informative. Language is not formal.

Some graphics presented. Visually interesting. Language is formal, but flawed.

Language is coherent and cohesive to visuals.

Visually engaging. Language is formal, clear and concise.








Teacher Comments:


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