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This web quest is designed for students who are studying Language Arts and Social Studies.  Students will work in collaborative groups to make cultural connections among Indigenous Peoples throughout the world.
Students are working on culture and languages and the connections that all societies have.   They have learned what ties bind Americans through the medium of art work such as paintings, poems, inventions and architecture.  Students have been introduced to cultural barriers such as language and philosophy.  Each student has completed a unit on Information Technology and is familiar with such programs as Word, Internet browsing and Powerpoint.  Further, each student has been assigned an email account. 
In this project, students will be required to search the Internet, research Indigenous Peoples from each continent and teach the rest of the class what they have learned through a presentation of the group's chosing.  Presentation mediums include, but are not limited to:  creating a newsletter; a Powerpoint presentation, a web quest; etc.

Hieroglyhpic Background 2

Students will:
1. Work in collaborative groups.
2. Research diverse groups of people.
3. Delegate responsibility.
4. Understand language and cultural barriers.
Computer Skills:
1. Use electronic medium to do research.
2. Create a visual presentation.
3. Email instructor journal enties of trip.
Content learned:
1.Writing in varied forms (formal for presentation, 
and informal journal entries).
2. Vocabulary words of the Native Peoples.
3. Cultural representations of a group of people.
4. Geography and Art History.  

Student Needs:
1. One computer for every group (3-4 students).
2. MS Word and Powerpoint.
3. Computer with Internet capabilities.
4. Email account established for each student.