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Culture Quest
The Task


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Each class must form groups of four.  Each member of the group will choose a role form those listed below.  Next you will answer questions based on your occupation within the group.
After choosing roles, your team will select 6 ancient civilizations to visit, one from each continent.  To find out information about these cultures, click on the provided links.
Once you have finished your quest, create a visual project and present it to the rest of the class.  Keep in mind the following questions for your final presentation:
1. What are the similarities/differences between this culture and the one in which we live?
2. What made this culture thrive/succeed?
3. What made it die out, (if it died out).
4. Would you be able to live and survive in this culture?

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Geographer/Leader:  Describe the physical geography of the site.  Describe the terrain.  Is there water nearby?  What is the size of the population?  What is the significance of the geography to the culture?  What are the differences/similarities to our geography?
Archeologist:  Dig up artifacts that relate to each culture.  Describe the artifact.  What is it? What is it used for? What does it represent to that culture?  Describe any artistic differences/similarities  to our culture.
Sociologist:  Your job is to investigate the emotions of the people.  Did they have a unifying religion?  How did this culture deal with it's creation?  Did the people have any myths?  What are the differences/similarities with our culture?
Political Scientist:  It is your job to investigate the ideals of the people politically.  What was their government like?  Who was their leader?  How did this style of government come to be?  How were the common people treated?  What are the differences/similarities to our culture?